Pablo Escobar loved really fast vehicles. This image, online via Nicolas Entel (producer of the documentary “Sins of My Father”), depicts him with some of his material goods.


How did Pablo Escobar’s drug-dealing career start? Pablo’s sister, Luz Maria, shares her memories:

One day Pablo came in wearing a leather jacket and asked my mom to sew some pockets inside the lining because he needed to keep his money safe. They were to smuggle cocaine [in the form of coca paste] and also the bills with which they bought the [unrefined] cocaine in Peru. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

How did Escobar run his new business? At the beginning, he drove his car to Equador and Peru where he bought the paste. Transporting it back to his own country, he had cocaine refined in a Medellin house, getting it prepared for transporting to (and distributing in) other countries.

When he was 25 years old, Pablo fell in love with his neighbor—Maria Victoria Henoa, also known as Vicky—who was 13 at the time.  Victoria was the sister of Escobar’s best friend who worried, frankly, whether Pablo would make a good husband for his sister. He was, after all, an adult (at that time) who was interested in other women.

Other family members, however, thought Pablo and Victoria would make a great couple. Her grandmother helped the pair elope. In 1977, their first child—a son, Juan Pablo—was born.

That was also about the time of Pablo’s first arrest.

At the time, some of his family members—such as his sister—had no idea what cocaine was. Luz Maria says:

I believe we, his family, were very naive for many years because Pablo was very discreet, and only a few can say: “I saw him doing this or I was with him on that.” He was very discreet. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

One thing Pablo hated: The mug shot of his first arrest. Smiling in the picture, he did what he could to not look like a criminal.

One thing he loved?  Racing—cars, motorcycles and other really fast vehicles. He became close to his cousin, Jaime Gaviria, who not only participated in the races with him but also became his close confidant (which lasted for the rest of Pablo’s life).

Jamie comments on how Escobar viewed his business:

He imagined the whole process, manufacturing, marketing and consumption. But HE only took care of distribution. Pablo! With him, suddenly things went from carrying 5 kilos to carrying 600, 700, 800, 1000 kilos three years later.

Pablo was on top of everything: “We have to find another route because this one doesn’t work,” and he figured-out another one. He took maps and looked for it all over: “We need a certain pilot because the entrance is like this, we need a plane.” He was amazing, imaginative, creative. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

How did this extraordinary illegal business impact people around Escobar? His brother, Roberto Escobar says their lives were suddenly better, economically speaking:

Everybody was cool because people began to have money and bought properties - including wealthy people, who had gone bankrupt. Most rich Colombian people, directly or indirectly, obtained some benefit from drug trafficking. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

And poor people, in Colombia, fell in love with this man who seemed—to them—like a modern-day Robin Hood.

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