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Mathew Brady was a photographer who took many pictures during America’s Civil War. The U.S. National Archives describes this photo:  “Brady's photographic outfit in the field near Petersburg, Va., 1864.” NARA image 111-B-5077. Click on the image for a better view.


The strategically important town of Petersburg, Virginia - on the Appomattox River - has a battle history going back to the American Revolutionary War. What did the town, whose landscape still bears scars of the battle in which Inman nearly died, look like in the 19th century?

  • Aqueduct above Petersburg 

Matthew Brady's photo outfit, whose photographers documented so many Civil War scenes, also took pictures at Petersburg. Their work, preserved in the National Archives, shows Petersburg transformed from town into a besieged battlefield where the brutality of fighting between North (111,000 - 113,000 men) and South (47,000 - 51,000 defenders) was unimaginable.

Let's find out what happened.

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