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Lisbeth Salander and Danger Near Nossebro Geography Fiction

During a particularly dangerous time in her life, Lisbeth Salander travels, alone, to a place not far from Nossebro (located in Västra Götaland County, Sweden). This image, by Mangan2002, depicts the old station is Nossebro. Online via Wikimedia Commons; license CC BY-SA 3.0.


Using her newly obtained wealth, Lisbeth Salander travels the world for a year.  Before she returns to Sweden, and her apartment at Fiskargatan, 9 - located in a beautiful part of Stockholm, near Mosebacke Square - she spends many weeks in Grenada

Her favorite place, on the island, is Grand Anse Beach where she can walk and think.  One of her favored preoccupations is reading Dimensions in Mathematics, by Dr. L. C. Parnault. 

Larsson tells us the book was published by Harvard University Press, in 1999, but looking for it will come to naught.  Like Hedestad, and Hedeby Island, it only exists in Stieg's world.

Lisbeth also ponders "Fermat’s Last Theorem," which Professor Andrew Wiles solved in 1994.  (Years later, as he recalls the inspiration which helped him to see what no one had understood for hundreds of years, Wiles is still overcome with emotion.)  Salander, however, wants to solve the riddle herself (without looking at Wiles' answer key).

Back in Stockhholm, Blomkvist and Millenium are thriving.   Then ... a double murder in Enskede (at an apartment building on Björneborgsvägen) rocks Micke's world and threatens to completely unravel Salander's life. 

When a third murder is discovered in Vasastan, Lisbeth faces a challenge so significant that even she - with her photographic memory and computer-hacking skills - does not see a quick, or easy, solution.

Because of her change in circumstances, Salander has to be careful going to favorite places, like Kvarnen ("The Mill") - located at Tjärhovsgatan, 4 (one of Stockholm's oldest pubs) - or the Mellqvist Coffee Bar (where she once asked Blomkvist if she could borrow a large sum of money).  Mellqvist, parenthetically, was also a Stieg-Larsson favorite, when his Expo offices were located in the same building (on Hornsgatan).

One place she does frequent is the 7-Eleven near her 21-room apartment on Fiskargatan.  Among other things, she routinely buys - and eats - Billy’s Pan Pizza

There are things Salander does not understand about her past.  To find out more, she visits her second guardian's summer cabin, in Stallarholmen, outside Mariefred.  When she returns home, with more information, she ponders what she has learned while looking at her incomparable view of Djurgården.  

Blomkvist, meanwhile, takes two trips of his own.  The first is to Smådalarö, a thirty-five minute (or so) drive south of Stockholm, where he interrogates Gunnar Björck.  The second is to Ersta, north of Stockholm, where he has a heart-to-heart talk with Holger Palmgren at his rehabilitation home.

After reflecting on her situation, Lisbeth decides what she must do about the facts she has uncovered.  Gazing at the citadel next to Skeppsholmen, and the roller coaster at Gröna Lund, she makes a plan.  

This time, even Plague - her online, computer-hacking friend who lives in a dirty flat on Högklintavägen (in Sundbyberg) - cannot help her.  She will face her demons, and her past, on her own.

Telling no one where she is going, Lisbeth stops at a car rental business in Eskilstuna where she realizes she must travel to West Sweden.  Continuing her journey, she turns on the radio and hears David Bowie singing an unfamiliar song (with words like "putting out fire with gasoline").

On the E20, she drives toward Arboga, heading for Göteborg.  She must find a home in the country, not far from Nossebro.

Hours later, Blomkvist takes a train to Göteborg.  From there, he drives northeast to a property called Gosseberga.  What will he find when he gets there?

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