Ninh Bình—capital of the Province of Ninh Bình in Vietnam—is located in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. It is the site of events in The Quiet American. This 19th-century illustration depicts the city’s citadel as it appeared during February of 1884. The work is by an unknown artist; it appeared in L'Illustration (a French weekly newspaper, published in Paris, between 1843 to 1944) on February 25, 1884.


Most people who have read Greene's novel, or will see the movie, have not been to Vietnam. To better understand its backdrop, take a virtual tour of some of the most important places featured in the story.

Rue Catinat, the famous Saigon street where many events in the novel take place.

Scenes of life in Saigon.

A common method of transportation in Vietnam is the trishaw.

Phat Diem Cathedral, a place where people sought sanctuary.

Scenes in Ninh Binh - where much of the story takes place:

  • Landscape of Hoa Lu, near Ninh Binh

  • Hua Lu, medieval site of the early kingdom of Vietnam, near Ninh Binh

  • Statue of medieval king at Hoa Lu, near Ninh Binh

  • Canal of Ken Ga, near Ninh Binh

  • Villagers transporting stones along the Ken Ga Canal

  • Troglodyte sanctuary near Tam Coc, near Ninh Binh

  • Rice fields among the Karstic Mountains of Tam Coc, near Ninh Binh

  • Catholic tombs in the rice fields near Ninh Binh

  • About Hoi An, where the movie was filmed.


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