Pakistan - Independence Day

"A New India" was born in August of 1947, after years of agitation to free India from British control.  Partitioned in two, the country was transformed into Pakistan (which became a free nation on August 14th) and India (which became a separate country on August 15th).

When the subcontinent was split in two, it was done so according to religious affiliations. Muslims living in India, where their families may have been located for generations, had to uproot their lives, and their families, and move to Pakistan.

Hindi people living in Pakistan, where their families may have been located for generations, had to uproot their lives, and their families, and move to India.

Such events did not happen easily, quickly or painlessly.

In his book Beyond the Lines, Kuldip Nayar (born in Pakistan, now living in India) tells what it was like to make such a move from a personal perspective. Ninety-years old, at the time of his book’s publication in 2014, Nayar gave an interview with Aroosa Shaukat (which was published in The Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper). The following is an excerpt from that article:

Nayar said he found the killing during 1947 on both sides of the border shameful. He said official figures suggested that around 1 million lives had been lost, but in a personal encounter with Lord Mountbatten [the great-grandson of Queen Victoria and Viceroy of India] he had told him that the figure was nearly 25 million. He said as a young lawyer he had wanted to live in Pakistan, but circumstances had forced him to do otherwise.

“And I am sure that the situation I faced in Sialkot was faced by several people in India who were forced to move to Pakistan.”

He said that despite the harsh memories, he thought it necessary to get rid of the ‘negative baggage’ from Partition. “My dream is that this region be transformed like the European Union where each country maintains its sovereignty as it exists under a larger South Asian identity.”

It is a dream which is shared by many people.

This clip, from a Universal Newsreel announcing India's partition to an American audience, depicts how that disruption impacted the lives of many at the time it happened.

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Original Release: May 30, 2013

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Clip from Universal Newsreel - "A New India" - narrated by Albert Grobe.  Online, courtesy YouTube.



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