Peter the Great Envisions St. Petersburg

Following disastrous intrigues, perpetrated by his sister Sophia - who wanted to rule Russia - Peter and his brother witnessed the murder of their close family members.  Sophia did not achieve her desire for power and was sent to a convent.

At first, Peter I and Ivan V ruled together, as co-tsars.  After Ivan died, Peter ruled alone. 

One of his greatest desires was to transform Russia into a naval power.  The problem, however, was a lack of sea access.  His country did not have a northern port, in its western environs, which could become the base for a great navy.

Even then, when he had no ships and no port city, Peter envisioned a place like Amsterdam.  Looking for territory he could conquer, he led his soldiers in battle.  Those military expeditions, however, did not always produce the desired results.

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