Peter the Great - Tsar of All the Russians

Russia rose as a mighty power following the Middle Ages, but after Ivan IV (also known as Ivan Grozny - "Ivan the Terrible") died, the country was thrown into a "Time of Troubles." 

After decades of disaster, chaos spread across the land. 

Peasants were forced to eat grass and bark.  Between 1598 and 1610, six different men claimed the title of Tsar.  Even a Pole claimed to be Russia's legitimate ruler.  Although he was deposed, Poland still threatened to subsume Russia into its own territory.

After Russians were able to fight-off the invading Poles, the people decided they needed another Tsar.  A distant relative of Ivan IV's was found and, in 1613, became Tsar Michael (Mikhail Romanov).  He was the first of the Romanov dynasty (which lasted three centuries).

By 1649, during the reign of the second Romanov Tsar (Alexis I), the "Code of Law" (Sobornoye Ulozhenie or, to use its Cyrillic spelling, Соборное уложение) gave landowners the right to own the peasants who worked their land. 

Those now-enslaved land workers were called "serfs."  By the time Tsar Alexis died, in 1676, his Tsardom had grown to nearly 2 billion acres.

Then ... in 1672, a young boy who would later be known as "Peter the Great," was born to Russia's third Romanov Tsar (Fyodor III).  The child had other siblings, including a sister named Sophia.  A woman, however, did not have the right to rule Russia at that time.

After his older brother died, young Peter - then ten years old - was poised to jointly rule (as co-tsar) with his brother Ivan (who became Ivan V).  Sophia, however, had other - more devious - plans.

To only view the section of this clip regarding Peter the Great, move the video forward to 8:30.

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