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Pieter van Musschenbroek, with the help of his assistants, discovered the Leyden Jar. Among other things, the Leyden Jar could “store” static electricity. Today, we would call such a device a “capacitor” or a “condensor.”

This development, in the world of science and in the culture at large, was significant for many reasons. Not only did it lead to future experiments, it also provided “electricians” and “experimentalists” with a way to store electricity which they could use for demonstrations in front of audiences.

Van Musschenbroek was (and is) held in particularly high esteem in his country (The Netherlands).  He introduced both experimental physics and a Newtonian world view to Holland.  He has been called the greatest Dutchman of the 18th century.

This painting of Professor van Musschenbroek (1692–1761) was created by Hieronymus van der Mij (1687-1761), circa 1741.

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