Pilgrims to America: A Pictorial History - Summary

On a ship called the Mayflower, a group of about 102 people set sail for a new life in the “new world.” Their last port of call, before crossing the Atlantic, was Plymouth, England.

 They meant to land in Virginia, but their ship brought them to Cape Cod. It wasn’t the first time this group of people, seeking religious freedom, had ended up in the wrong place.

When they originally tried to flee Britain, they were betrayed by their hired boat captain. Some of the people we call “the Pilgrims” ended up in dungeons instead of The Netherlands, their planned destination. Finally arriving in Holland, they lived in that country until religious freedom no longer seemed possible there.

Arriving in the “new world,” the men agreed how they would govern themselves. They created, and signed, the Mayflower Compact. It was the first self-governing document created by American immigrants.

In this story about the Pilgrims' journey - from Britain, to Holland, to America - step back in time to the early seventeenth century. See the homes and towns of people like William Bradford. Check out the Mayflower and examine her ship's log. Meet some of the Pilgrims and take a virtual trip with them.

Discover the original Mayflower Compact and learn why that document helped to end a near-mutiny aboard ship. Read the words which tell us these early colonists believed government derives its power (and legitimacy) from the consent of the governed.

And ... visit the Plimoth Plantation, where the Pilgrims settled in America. See what life was like during those early years of hardship by examining diaries, artifacts and other primary sources.

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