Pillory at Michelham Priory

What, exactly, is a pillory?

Resembling a set of stocks - into which a seated person’s ankles (and sometimes wrists) would be inserted - a pillory usually requires its occupant to stand (not sit). And ... unlike stocks (which focus only on hands and feet), a pillory includes a hole for a person’s neck.

Michelham Priory, located southeast of London in the UK town of Hailsham (East Sussex), still has an old pillory. Once a place where Augustinian monks lived, this priory has records extending back to 1229.  

People tell tales about Michelham - especially tales that it’s haunted.

One of the many ghosts which people claim they’ve seen, at Michelham, is that of Thomas Sackville. Once the priory’s owner, Sackville - so the stories go - still haunts the halls of his old place to this very day.

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Image, by an unnamed photographer, online via Pillory History. Fair use for educational purposes.


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