Polk County Students Present Historical Stories - Preface

This year Polk County Public Schools K12 Literacy Department, lead by Michelle Townley, partnered with AwesomeStories to make the vast AwesomeStories archive of more than 5,000 topical stories supported by evidence from over 100,000 primary sources available to all Social Studies and Language Arts teachers from grades 3-12.

Teachers and students explore stories to integrate the “story behind the story” and the authentic evidence from over 140 world-renowned archives to deepen and expand their lessons.

The PCPS learning map scope and sequence for language arts, social studies, science and math has been entered into AwesomeStories CurriculumMakerTM app. Teachers can see what stories and activities match their curriculum and choose what they want to present. Teachers can make their own assignments, submit them to the district and the district curriculum specialists and send that new assignment out to all teachers of that subject and grade. Media integration, story linkages, and collaboration with colleagues are just a click away.

Teachers have begun to lead students to use the StoryMakerTM app to research and write their own stories. Using StoryMakerTM, students can find images, videos, audios and documents that support their investigation. Then they can build a story in the app connecting media and even narrating it in their own voice.

Director of Writing, Diane Plowden, has enabled this project and she has worked with AwesomeStories to provide an online portfolio for student writing. WriteFolioTM lets teachers, students and parents view the progress in student writing over the year, including teacher comments.

Language Arts teacher Sonya Turlington brought her 6th grade students into the writing adventure. Their stories are listed here and we invite you to read their compelling work. Sonya was the leading teacher in engaging her students in research and writing, reflection and citing with AwesomeStories.

As a reward for her great support of the students and their achievement, Sonya is traveling to Oahu, Hawaii where some members of the AwesomeStories development team live and work.

Congratulations Sonya Turlington—Awesome Teacher! and...

Congratulations and thanks to Diane Plowden and Michelle Townley for their extraordinary commitment to innovation and student achievement!

Enjoy the stories!


Original Release: Jun 15, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Apr 09, 2019

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