Polk County Florida Students Write About Polk County! - Haunted Places of Polk County

In Polk County there are extraordinary people, places, and many other things. Polk County is known as the water ski capital of the world because of the 554 lakes. A fun fact about Polk County is that it is bigger than Rhode Island. Another fact is that it has haunted places. There are places where customers or visitors have experienced ghost like figures.

Auburndale is a little smaller than Lakeland, but it could all be different if the city of Auburndale would have let the train station be settled there. They decided they did not want the train station there and Lakeland was later chosen. In Auburndale, they say that the bowling alley is “cursed,” people say they have heard footsteps when no one is present. They say that the land where the bowling alley sits used to be a swampland and that gangsters deposited the dead bodies they killed.

Fort Blount is what is now called Bartow. This city was renamed in honor of Francis S. Courthouse which is now the Polk County Historical Museum and Genealogical Library. After the explosion around 1883, a male worker was killed. It is said that this man is what is haunting the boiler room in the basement. They say that there is a feeling of sadness when you approach the second floor. On the third floor near the bathrooms, there has been an apparition of “The Lady in White.” What is crazy is that on the first floor there is a cold sensation and some people feel a brushing against them.

In Fort Meade, is said that there have been ghost roaming the streets. This county land is very quiet but in the 1950’s and 60’s people saw the ghost lights. Many others say lights follow them around dusk. This is on the County Line Rd and Heard Bridge near old Mt. Pisgah. Frostproof is a town close by, and people have experienced ghostly figures also. For example, if you sit on the four way stop sign on Bereha Rd, you will see a light come up to your car. This ghost has the name of the ghost light.

A “ghost,” as people say, is able to pull your car up on a hill. In Lake Wales, if you set your car on neutral at the bottom of the hill it will go up the hill. People in Winter Haven say that every August 13th, there are children crying and screaming around 11:30 PM and 12 midnight. You would have to walk through the old trial in the woods. This might not be true but the only way of knowing is to experiment it yourself.

These are just some of the places in Polk County where people and ghost have interacted. If you have never seen a ghost or experienced anything with one it is hard to believe that ghosts may be out there.

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