Pope Gregory VII

Pope Gregory VII

When Pope Gregory VII was born, circa 1025, his family lived near Sovana (which was then part of the Papal States).  The child grew-up to hold the most important position in the Catholic Church - its Pope.  At the time of his election in 1073, and before, he was known as "Hildebrand."

A man with significant power, Gregory deposed Emperor Henry IV (in favor of Henry V) while he was a crowned ruler.  Such an event - a religious leader deposing a civil leader - had never happened before.

Known as a mystic during his lifetime, Gregory was made a saint during the reign of Pope Paul V (during 1606).  He died on the 25th of May, 1085, and today he is commemorated as one of the great popes of the medieval church. 

His annual feast day is the 25th of May.

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