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The White House—initially known as the President's House and the Executive Mansion—took about eight years to build. Its cornerstone was laid in 1792. John Adams, the first President to live in the White House, moved-into the unfinished home in 1800 with his wife, Abigail.


For other U.S. Presidential stories—with a focus on inaugural addresses, political philosophy, related stories and video clips—see:

Air Force One - Inside

Air Force One - Outside

Thomas Jefferson - Indictment of Slavery in the Declaration of Independence

John Adams - Speech in Favor of Independence

George Washington - Video Bio - February 22, 1732 (Birthdate)

Did Slaves Build the White House?

Thomas Jefferson - A Biography

John Quincy Adams - Supported the Amistad Captives

Andrew Jackson - Highlights of His Presidency

Abraham Lincoln - Video Bio - February 12, 1809 (Birthdate)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Andrew Johnson - Impeachment Trial

Assassination of President Garfield

Assassination of President McKinley

Theodore R. Roosevelt, Jr.

Theodore Roosevelt - Audio Recording (August 6, 1912)

Woodrow Wilson - President When Women Granted Right to Vote

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - First Inaugural Video - March 4, 1933

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - First Inaugural - Clip of "Fear Itself"

FDR - Declaration of War - "Day in Infamy" Speech

FDR - Unexpected Death - April 12, 1945 - Newsreel Coverage

Harry Truman Inaugural - January 20, 1949

Dwight Eisenhower Inaugural - January 20, 1953

Kennedy-Nixon Televised Debate - September 26, 1960

John F. Kennedy Inaugural - January 20, 1961

Assassination of President Kennedy

Lyndon Baines Johnson Inaugural - January 20, 1965

Richard M. Nixon Inaugural - January 20, 1969

Richard Nixon - "I am not a crook" - November 17, 1973

Richard Nixon - June 23, 1972 Tape - "The smoking gun"

Richard Nixon - The Watergate Scandal

Richard Nixon - Apologizes to American People for Watergate

Jimmy Carter - Inaugural Address

Ronald Reagan Inaugural - January 20, 1981

George H.W. Bush Inaugural - January 20, 1989

William J. Clinton First Inaugural - January 20, 1993

George W. Bush Inaugural - January 20, 2001

Barack H. Obama Inaugural - January 20, 2009

Eisenhower - Charge to the Invasion Forces

Political Cartoons of U.S. Presidents - Herb Block

Presidential Election Posters - 19th Century

"The People" Disapprove - Political Cartoons of Voted-out Presidents

Running for the Presidency - American Politics

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