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When Raoul realized he could not get licensed as an architect in Sweden because his degree was from an American university, he went to work for his grandfather selling building materials. He traveled throughout Europe, South Africa and Palestine (now called Israel).

While in Palestine, Raoul met and became friends with a young man who had just fled his home in Germany. This man told Raoul stories about Germany’s new ruler, Adolf Hitler, and how he was persecuting the Jewish people.

They were no longer allowed to go to school, go shopping or own property. Many were being dragged away from their families and were never seen again. These were German citizens and hard-working people who had Jewish heritage and practiced the Jewish religion. Raoul’s young friend told him that Hitler blamed the Jews for causing all of Germany’s problems.

Raoul was horrified, but tried to calm his new friend by telling him that he believed hatred and evil would not win in the end:

Good men and women will soon stand up and fight back to the propaganda and terror.

His sceptical friend replied:

So, where are these good men and women? I did not see them anywhere and I ran for my life.

Raoul learned that Hitler and his Nazi political party had the idea that they were members of a “master race” and they were superior to others and were destined to rule the world. The new leader was training massive armies and manufacturing weapons. Hitler’s armies began taking over the countries that surrounded Germany.

The Nazis also had another goal: They intended to kill everyone with Jewish blood, anyone who was disabled, all gypsies and everyone else who opposed them!

Raoul was deeply troubled by what was occurring in Europe. But he did not know what he could possibly do about it.

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1) Bernheim, Rachel, A Hero for Our Time, The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States, Apr/26/1981, Apr/26/2015, http://www.raoulwallenberg.org

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