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Raoul Wallenberg thought about his developing plan to save Hungary's Jews from being deported to Nazi camps. He knew the Nazi-era Germans well and recognized they had great respect for official-looking and fancy documents.

Wallenberg decided that he would design a pass in the colors of Sweden with the King’s three royal crowns on the front. It would have the person’s picture on it and it would state that the person was a citizen of Sweden. He knew it had to look very important and real if he could convince soldiers that the Hungarian Jews were actually Swedish citizens.

Raoul worked very hard to produce authentic-looking passes which he called “safe passes." He brilliantly numbered the passes out of order so it would take the Nazis a long time to realize that he was giving-out many more than the 4500 he was allowed.

He had other ideas too.

Raoul created an authentic letter that was supposed to be an official letter to the leader of Hungary from the King of Sweden. The letter told the Hungarian leader that Raoul was an official representative of the King and he was there to save Hungarians from the evil of the Nazis.

One day he heard from some Jewish citizens of Budapest that many people had just-now been herded-up and were being loaded into train cars for the journey to a death camp. Raoul immediately notified the Hungarian leader who stopped the train and ordered all the Jews returned to Budapest.

Eichmann was furious that the train had been stopped. He quickly and quietly loaded-up another train. This time the train made it out of the country before anyone even knew about it.

Raoul was devastated and began to think of better ways to outwit the Nazis.

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