An Unlikely Hero: The Story of Raoul Wallenberg - RAOUL RETURNS to SWEDEN

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In 1937, Raoul’s grandfather died and Raoul returned to Sweden. He was out of work now, and the entire world was in a bad economic depression. He could find no job.

Finally, Wallenberg went to work for a Hungarian man who owned an import-export business. This man was Jewish, and traveling in Europe was too dangerous for him due to Hitler’s edict toward the Jews. But Raoul was Christian, knew many languages, was familiar with European countries and was very good at bargaining for the best price.

One night, in 1942, Raoul and his sister attended a showing of a film called Pimpernel Smith. In this film a Jewish-Hungarian actor, Leslie Howard, played a professor who secretly saved people from the Nazi forces. When they left the theatre, Raoul told his sister:

I want to do exactly what he did.

Little did he know then, that his opportunity was right around the corner.

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