An Unlikely Hero: The Story of Raoul Wallenberg - RAOUL SETS to WORK

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Raoul Wallenberg was resourceful. He set up a bogus section of the Swedish embassy which he called Section C, and there he kept files on everyone who had received a safe pass, as well as the members of their family.

He hired as many Jewish Hungarians as he could to work in Section C, knowing they would then be under the protection of the Swedish government.

Soon, Wallenberg needed a place for Section C to operate. He rented the buildings on either side of the embassy. He went to wealthy Jews who lived in big houses and convinced them that rather than have their homes confiscated by the Nazis, they should “give” the houses to him in order to keep from the hands of the Germans. He was then able to start housing Jews who had already lost their homes to the Nazis.

Raoul set up hospitals and soup kitchens to take care of the Jews who were unable to care for themselves because of the strict restrictions the Nazis had put on them. He gave these people hope at a time that they were without hope. With this newfound hope came a fighting spirit to resist the control of the German armies.

In October of 1944, Germany invaded Hungary full force. They forced the Hungarian leaders out of power and gave control of the country to Hungarians who had joined the Nazi party. This new government went by the name of "Arrow Cross."

Raoul had a bad feeling that the worst was about to descend on Hungary.

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