This image, from the New York Public Library's Art and Picture Collection, depicts a scene from the 1863 draft riots. It is entitled: “The Riots In New York: Conflict Between The Military And The Rioters In First Avenue.”


Across the Hudson River, in New Jersey, Joel Parker assured President Lincoln that his state would fulfill its allotted number of men. The letter was sent on 21 July 1863—just days after the deadly riots.

The President had been advised of the conscription riots in New York. Within weeks of those riots, Mr. Lincoln personally denied a request by Horatio Seymour (then governor of New York) who had asked to delay implementing the draft in New York.

One can understand Governor Seymour’s concern:  More than 300 buildings were burned or destroyed as the rampaging mob turned on its own city.

But one can also understand the President’s reaction:  Weeks before the riots, the North and South had combined casualties totaling more than 45,000 men who were killed, injured or missing in the Gettysburg battle.

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