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Dr. Nathan Keep, a dentist who greatly helped the prosecution in the trial of Dr. John Webster for the murder of Dr. George Parkman, created “Casts of the Superior and Inferior Maxillae of George Parkman.” This piece of evidence—a wax mold which Dr. Keep donated to the Harvard Dental School in 1867—is now part of the Harvard Dental School Museum Collection. Image online via the Center for the History of Medicine at Harvard’s Countway Library.



  • Webster's family received help from a most unlikely source after his trip to the gallows. Dr. Parkman's widow raised funds to help Webster's wife and children. 
  • A Harvard law student who attended the trial thought the verdict against Webster was wrong. Here's his opinion. 
  • Some 20th century writers think Judge Shaw went too far in his jury instruction.


  • Dr. Ed Papenfuse, the State Archivist for Maryland, has created an excellent web site on the Parkman murder. 


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