Execution at Boston Common - RELATED LINKS ABOUT MARY DYER

This is an excellent site about Puritans.

Mary Dyer was a Quaker. This website, "The Religious Society of Friends," explains the history of the Quakers and their beliefs.

Thomas Welde, a contemporary of Anne Hutchinson, wrote about her beliefs in a work called "The Heresies of Anne Hutchinson and Her Followers." It is quoted, among other places, in Woman's Life in Colonial Days. See, particularly, section VII (Female Rebellion) in chapter 1.

Interesting information about the Narragansett nation, including the Narragansett language and the mark of Canonicus on the deed to Roger Williams

The Library of Congress web site includes an article on Mary Dyer. Part of its American Memory collection, see the entry for July 20th at "Today in History."



  • Hodges, George The Hanging of Mary Dyer
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