RFK - Bobby at the 1964 Democratic Convention

At the 1964 Democratic National Convention, Bobby Kennedy (then still the country’s Attorney General) introduced a memorial tribute to his brother.  It was ten months after Jack was killed in Dallas.

The standing ovation lasted for a combined total of twenty-two minutes.  Bobby, soul-searching through his suffering, was changing his life’s focus.  No longer in his brother’s shadow, he needed to find his own career path.

With a face showing both anguish (at his personal loss) and gratitude (for the honor the audience was giving to their assassinated President), Bobby seemed, at times, overwhelmed by the people’s response.

When he finished his speech, he left the hall.  Sitting on a fire escape, he wept.

Media Credits

Clip is from “The Garish Sun,” the first hour of RFK, a film produced by David Grubin and aired on PBS’ American Experience.  Copyright, Grubin, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes.

Written and Directed by David Grubin

Produced by David Grubin and Sarah Colt

Narrated by Blair Brown

Music by Michael Bacon



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