Racial Groups - Apartheid-Era, South Africa

This graphic, from the University of Texas at Austin, depicts where racial groups predominately lived during South Africa's apartheid era.  Based on details from the 1970 census, the map clearly shows that whites were the minority racial group.

Some of the "tribal homelands" were granted a measure of independence by the government of South Africa.

To learn how the government defined "coloureds" and "blacks," see The Union of South Africa, by Robert Henry Brand.  Published in 1909, the book devotes an entire section (Chapter X) to "Natives."  Be warned ... the book's matter-of-fact wording, and use of descriptive terms, are offensive.  Yet, it provides first-hand evidence on how people were categorized in South Africa during the years of apartheid policies.

Click on the image for a better view.

Media Credits

Map of South African tribal homelands during the apartheid era.  Online, courtesy Perry-Castañeda Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin.


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