Rasputin - Gives WWI Advice

After the Tsar bans Rasputin, he learns the Archduke of Austria has been assassinated.  Others are worried about war, but the Tsar - believing his cousin  Wilhelm, the German Kaiser will never go to war against him - is wrong.

Meanwhile ... Alexandra rings Rasputin (who is in Siberia).  He talks Alexei through another bleeding episode and, thereafter, returns to the Winter Palace.

Warned against assuming control of the Army, as it fights against Alexandra's own country (Germany), Nicholas disregards that advice.  While the Tsar is away, Alexandra seeks Rasputin's advice - not just about her son, but about the conduct of the war.

That advice will eventually contribute to disastrous consequences.

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Media Credits

Clip from "Rasputin:  Dark Servant of Destiny" (1996) - award-winning film for television.  Copyright, HBO, all rights reserved.  Clip provided as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the production.

Uli Edel

Peter Pruce



Tamas Toth (Young Rasputin)
Alan Rickman
Greta Scacchi
Ian McKellen
David Warner
John Wood

Run Time: 104 minutes


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