Rebellion Against the King

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In May of 1381, pesants in the village of Fobbing were angry about a new tax.  Their uprising began to spread to nearby towns and villages.  On the 7th of June, Wat Tyler - from Kent - joined the rebellion.

In this illumination, by an unknown artist, we see John Ball (a priest) encouraging the peasants.

The British Library maintains this image, circa 1470, from Froissart’s Chronicle.  Curators give it this title and description:

Peasants’ Revolt

Detail of a miniature of two armies with banners bearing the royal arms of England and George, with Jehan Balle [John Ball] and Waultre le Tieulier [Wat Tyler]  inscribed with their names.

The white flag with a red cross is the flag of England (St. George’s Cross).  The banners are the Plantagenet royal coat of arms.

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Media Credits

Image of illumination, at the British Library, bearing this identification:   Royal 18 E. I   f.165v.  Online, courtesy British Library.



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