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Rembrandt van Rijn was a Dutch painter, born in Leiden during on the 15th of July, 1606.  He was highly regarded by the time he was in his early 20s, and wealthy people commissioned him to create portraits.

Moving to Amsterdam, where he lived the rest of his life, Rembrandt became more and more successful.  Soon he was creating more than just portraits of wealthy patrons.  A prolific artist, he remains one of the world's most-famous artists and his works are still highly valued.

Fortunate that his professional career was so successful, Rembrandt was less-fortunate in his personal life.  Of his four children, only the youngest - Titus - survived.  Then his wife (Saskia van Uylenburgh) died when she was only 30.

As he became financially successful, Rembrandt developed some unwise spending habits.  By 1656, he needed bankruptcy protection.

Despite his financial woes, Rembrandt was undaunted when it came to creating masterpieces.  In the midst of financial strains, he produced these works:

  • "Bathsheba" (1654, now at the Louvre, Paris)

Rembrandt’s personal life continued to be touched by sadness:

  • Titus, his only-surviving child, died in 1668 (at the age of 27).

Rembrandt died in Amsterdam, on the 4th of October 1669, only 11 months after the death of his son.

The image, above, depicts "St Peter's Denial," an oil-on-canvas which Rembrandt created in 1660.  Measuring 154 cm (60.6 inches) high and 169 cm (66.5 inches) wide, it is currently maintained at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Rembrandt's famous painting "The Night Watch"  has been vandalized three times (most recently in 1975 and 1990).  Still a main feature at the Rijksmuseum, the painting was restored (but it still bears the marks of the 1975 attack).

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