Robert Goddard - Father of Modern Rocketry

As a boy, Robert Goddard was often sickly.  Sometimes he was confined to his bed while other children were playing.

He had a huge imagination, great intellect and a love of reading.  He especially liked to read stories by Jules Verne.  When he thought those novels strayed from scientific fact, however, he would note corrections in the page margins.

As a man, Dr. Robert Goddard thought about rockets - and how to properly fuel them - for at least seventeen years before he launched the world's first liquid-fuel rocket on March 16, 1926.  It was a primitive device, to be sure, but his concepts were revolutionary.

In this clip, NASA tells the story about Dr. Goddard and what he contributed to science and engineering throughout his career.  He is, without question, the "Father of Modern Rocketry," and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (in Greenbelt, Maryland) is named for him.

NASA tells us a bit more about this 1961 film, Dr. Robert H. Goddard - Father of Modern Rocketry:

... Dug from the Goddard Multimedia archives, this short piece is almost as old as the [space flight] center itself.

 It may be "old," but it's also very interesting.

See, also:

Dr. Robert Goddard - Rare Video Footage 


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Media Credits

Film about Dr. Robert H. Goddard, and the highlights of his career, by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.


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