Rodrigo Lara Bonilla - Murder Victim

Rodrigo Lara Bonilla was Colombia’s Minister of Justice in 1984. He did not approve of Pablo Escobar’s drug-trafficking empire.

Because cocaine had become such a huge business in Colombia—amounting to around $5 billion a year by 1984—Rodrigo Lara was one of just a few people who openly opposed Escobar and publicly campaigned against the drug trade.

While he was in Bogota, during April of 1984, Rodrigo Lara was murdered in his car when two young men, operating a red Yamaha motorcycle, pulled-up alongside his Mercedes and fired seven bullets into him.

One of his young sons—also called Rodrigo and just eight years old at the time—helped his father’s bodyguards get his fatally injured Dad to the hospital.

Pablo Escobar was widely blamed for the murder.

In addition to the disastrous situation for Rodrigo Lara’s family, and Colombia in general, Escobar himself began to experience unintended consequences. Popular sentiment began to turn against him.

In this photo, we see the Justice Minister on vacation with his children.

Media Credits

Lara Bonilla family photo; online via Nicolas Entel, producer of the documentary "The Sins of My Father."


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