Rome Leaves Britain

Between 383-410 AD, Roman forces pulled-out of Britannia, the Roman Province we know as Britain. Rome's departure subjected Britain to foreign raiders and invaders.

This map depicts the dates of Rome's withdrawal from Britain (and the impact Rome's abandonment had on its former province). It is based on a map from 1900, together with other information provided by the image-creator (known as "Notuncurious"):

Based on Jones & Mattingly's Atlas of Roman Britain (ISBN 978-1-84217-06700, 1990, reprinted 2007); Mattingly's Imperial Possession ( ISBN 978-0-140-14822-0, 2006); Higham's Rome, Britain, and the Anglo-Saxons (ISBN 1-85264-022-7, 1992); Frere's Britannia (ISBN 0-7102-1215-1, 1987); and Snyder's An Age of Tyrants (ISBN 978-0-631-22260-6) — the sources are cited in the image legend — Locations of towns (fortified and unfortified) are given on p. 156, with tribal civitates and coloniae specified on p. 154, of Atlas of Roman Britain. Specification of the Romanized regions of Britain are also from the Atlas, p. 151.

The "Departure Dates" are found in the cited sources, and are generally known. The Pictish, Saxon, and Scoti raids are found in the cited sources, as is the date of the Irish settlements in Wales. Frere suggests (p. 355) that it was the Irish who sacked Wroxeter c. 383.

The locations of the Irish settlements are from the locations of inscription stones given in File:Britain.Deisi.Laigin.jpg as of 2010-10-11, which cites its sources of information.

The image is online, via Wikimedia Commons, with the following License:  CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Image principally based on a map, from 1900, included in Jones & Mattingly's "Atlas of Roman Britain." Online via Wikimedia Commons.

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