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From the Reagan Presidential Library, we learn the following about Ronald Wilson Reagan:

Even before he made the White House his home, Ronald Reagan spoke for the American people, capturing the hearts of small-town citizens and world leaders alike.

His remarkable career in public life, spanning over fifty years, began in the Midwest as a student leader and sports broadcaster, then in Hollywood as an actor and long-time director of the Screen Actors Guild, later as Governor of California, and finally, as President of the United States.

His legacy, too, is extraordinary: In eight short years as President, Ronald Reagan presided over epochal international changes and ushered in unparalleled peace and prosperity - not only to his country but the world.

The Reagan Library has digitized resources by, and about, the former president.  Some of these items include:

  • Photos (many previously unseen) of Reagan, his family, his colleagues and his trips around the world.

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Image, Library of Congress.

Information and quoted passage, Reagan Presidential Library web site.


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