Roosevelt and Son at the River of Doubt in Brazil

Roosevelt and Son at the River of Doubt in Brazil

Theodore Roosevelt thought it would be great to spend some time with his son Kermit (who lived in South America).  So ... he accepted an invitation to make a speech (in Argentina), then take a trip (originating in Brazil) along an uncharted waterway called Rio da Duvida (the River of Doubt).

On the river trip, Roosevelt and his team would join forces with Candido Rondon (then Brazil’s most-famous explorer).  Before it was over, the explorers faced:

  • Deadly rapids
  • Indian attacks
  • Starvation
  • A murderer, within their midst.

Although the trip along the nearly 1,000-mile-long river took a huge toll on Roosevelt - in his 50s, at the time - the group actually navigated the River of Doubt. 

As if that weren’t a significant-enough accomplishment, the former U.S. President and Candido (the famous explorer) mapped the Amazon tributary which, by all accounts, had long-since earned its name (The River of Doubt).

In this image, we see the former President - wearing a hat - traveling in the expedition’s most-reliable dugout canoe.  When he and Candido successfully concluded their adventure, the river’s name was changed from Rio da Duvida to Rio Roosevelt.

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Original Release: Oct 07, 2013

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Image of photo, described above, online courtesy Library of American Museum of Natural History.



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