Rosie the Riveter - Four Vagabonds

Not long after J. Howard Miller - the artist at Westinghouse who created the "We Can Do It!" poster - released his work, "Rosie the Riveter" was born.  Personifying American women, who produced war materials on factory assembly lines, "Rosie" became part of popular culture.

In 1943, Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb wrote a song about her.  Performed in this video clip by the Four Vagabonds, the song's lyrics are:

All the day long,
Whether rain or shine,
She's a part of the assembly line.
She's making history,
Working for victory,
Rosie the Riveter.
Keeps a sharp lookout for sabatoge,
Sitting up there on the fuselage.
That little girl will do more than a male will do.
Rosie's got a boyfriend, Charlie.
Charlie, he's a Marine.
Rosie is protecting Charlie,
Working overtime on the riveting machine.
When they gave her a production "E,"
She was as proud as she could be.
There's something true about,
Red, white, and blue about,
Rosie the Riveter.

The song, as performed in the clip, has a slight change in the line about "E."  In the clip, the words are:  "When they gave her a production need."  The original - "When they gave her a production "E" - references an award (for "Excellence") which was given to high-performing factory production workers.

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Historic song, by the Four Vagabonds, online courtesy Library of Congress and YouTube.


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