Rudolf Abel and His Wife Yelena in 1971

After Rudolf Abel regained his freedom during 1962, in a spy swap between the US and the USSR, he was reunited with his wife Yelena and his daughter Evelyn.

The family flew back to Russia, together, where they lived until Abel died.

For the rest of his life, nearly everyone knew the master spy not by his real name—William (Willy) Fisher—but as Rudolf I. Abel (the name of his deceased friend and comrade which Fisher first used at the time of his 1957 arrest in New York).

Not until Yelena successfully fought for a year, to change the name on his tombstone from "Abel" to "Fisher," did people know who the master spy really was.

In this touching picture, taken in 1971—the year of his death—we see Willy Fisher / Rudolf Abel with his wife, Yelena. It is part of the Ogoniok Archive and was provided by the Fishers' daughter, Evelyn, during a 1997 interview.

Media Credits

Family photo, described above, online via Ogoniok Archive (a Russian-language website).


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