Rudolf Abel and His Wife Yelena

Needing a rest in 1955, Rudolf Abel—then known to his Brooklyn neighbors as Emil Goldfus—returned to Moscow for a visit with his family (who knew him as William "Willy" Fisher).

This family photo depicts Fisher / Goldfus / Abel with his wife, Yelena, as they relaxed in Moscow.

A few years after this photograph was taken, Abel's lawyer—Jim Donovan—started receiving mysterious letters from someone purporting to be Abel's wife, Yelena. The whole scenario, involving those letters, was very suspicious.

What made Donovan think that something wasn't exactly right about those letters? They were postmarked from the German city of Leipzig (then part of East Germany).

But ... how could "Frau Abel" send letters from Leipzig when she was living in Russia??

Media Credits

William Fisher family photo, depicting Fisher - later known as Rudolf Abel - with his wife, Yelena, in 1955. Image provided by the Fishers' daughter, Evelyn, for a 1997 interview, and online via the Ogoniok Archive.


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