Russian Poster - Death to the Fascist Monster

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At first, Hitler believed that he could easily conquer the Soviet Union.  During the beginning stages of the war, observers thought he might be right. 

Things changed, however, as the Soviet people resisted the invaders.

General Franz Halder - Chief of Staff for the German Army - began to understand the resolve of the Soviet people's resistance.  In August of 1941, he wrote:

The whole situation makes it increasingly plain that we have underestimated the Russian colossus ... [Soviet divisions] are not armed and equipped according to our standards, and their tactical leadership is often poor.  But there they are, and if we smash a dozen of them the Russians simply put up another dozen. 

The time factor favours them, as they are near their own resources, while we are moving farther and farther away from ours.  And so our troops, sprawled over an immense front line, without any depth, are subjected to the incessant attacks of the enemy.  (Quoted by Sir Rodric Braithwaite in Moscow 1941:  A City and Its People at War, at page 76.)

Halder made those observations about one year before the battle of Stalingrad began.

Propaganda posters were intended to help the Soviet people stiffen their resolve against Hitler and the Germans.  This poster says:

Death to the Fascist Monster!

Click on the image for a clearer view.

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Poster image online, courtesy Russian State Archives.


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