Sandhamn - Location of Mikael Blomkvist's Summer Cabin

Sandhamn Location of Mikael Blomkvist's Summer Cabin

Sandhamn is a settlement on Sandön ("Sand Island") - located in Stockholm's Outer Archipelago - although most people actually refer to the island by its settlement name.

The Strömma Canal tour to Sandhamn - which lasts about eight hours - is one way to see the island, during the season (June 11 - August 21).  The ship departs from Nybrokajen and other docks along the way.  The sponsoring company says this about the settlement area:

Sandhamn has a rich history and is beloved by sailors from Stockholm and all over the world. For a couple of hours you will be a part of the amazing atmosphere found here.

The island has few permanent residents (around 100), but that number expands during the summer months (to an estimated 2-3,000).  In any given season, Sandhamn can get up to 100,000 visitors (including day-trippers).

Mikael Blomkvist has a small cabin on the island.  It is a key location in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

This photo - of Sandhamn - is by Kaj Bjurman (copyright Kaj Bjurman, all rights reserved).  To see more of his beautiful photos, check out his photostream at Flickr.

Click on the image for a greatly expanded view.

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Photo of Sandhamn by Kaj Bjurman - copyright Kaj Bjurman, all rights reserved.  Image provided as fair use for educational purposes.


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