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Not long before he died, Charles Dickens was able to make another “reading trip” to the United States.  That journey had been delayed, for years, because of America’s Civil War.

New editions of Dickens’ books were published to coincide with his American visit.  Although he did not actively collaborate with Sol Eytinge, Jr.—who created nearly 100 illustrations for Dickens’ various books—the author was pleased with the results:

They are remarkable alike for a delicate perception of beauty, a lively eye for character, a most agreeable absence of exaggeration, and a general modesty and propriety which I greatly like.  (See page 170 of the 1867 American Literary Gazette and Publisher’s Circular.)

This image depicts one of Eytinge’s illustrations for “A Christmas Carol.” 

It shows Ebenezer Scrooge working at his desk at Scrooge & Marley (and appears at page 18 of the 1868 edition, published in Boston by Ticknor & Fields, whom Dickens had authorized as his “only authorized representatives in America of the whole series of my books”).

If Scrooge were a real person—and sometimes, when we watch his story via film, it seems like he is—it's safe to say he'd approve of this drawing, too!

Click on the illustration for a larger view.

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Original Release: Dec 28, 2013

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Media Credits

Image, described above, scanned from Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol — A Ghost Story of Christmas. Il. Sol Eytinge, Jr. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1868.  Image placed online, courtesy Victorian Web and Philip V. Allingham, Contributing Editor, Canada; Associate Professor, Lakehead University.



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