Secrets of the Stone Tablets

Secrets of the Stone Tablets Visual Arts Social Studies

Have you ever wondered what lies buried in the ground beneath us?  What might have been left behind by people who once lived where we live now?

This DVD - Secrets of the Stone Tablets:  In Search of Montezuma's Treasure - is a 2007 production which asks those questions and goes exploring for answers.

We learn more about this program from an Editorial Review at Amazon:

One of the more fantastic (and ongoing) archaeological stories of recent years commenced in 1964, when Life magazine published an article on a strange series of stone tablets - their origins unaccounted for - that cropped up in the American southwest.

The tablets were discovered just outside of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona, covered with almost indecipherable maplike diagrams. At the time, many rumored that they were in some way interconnected with the mythologized mines of the 'Lost Dutchman,' Jacob Walsh.

Archaeologist Raymond Dillman not only felt intrigued by the findings but spent years deciphering the glyphs and realized that the diagrams did in fact lead to a series of undiscovered sites across the southwest that reportedly dated back as far as 2000 years. In time, Dillman happened upon a canyon filled with the symbols identical to those on the tablets - and located, in that gorge, human remains, stone pots, ancient tools, and a host of other artifacts.

Then, the nearly unthinkable happened:  yet another tablet surfaced with what looked like a map to the fabled lost treasures of Montezuma.

The documentary Stone Tablets: Secrets of the Stone Tablets - In Search of Montezuma's Treasure recounts this story from its point of inception.

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