Sol White's History of Colored Base Ball

Jerry Malloy republished Sol White's book, History of Colored Base Ball.  From reviews at the amazon.com web site we learn these important facts:

In a long, probing introductory essay, Negro League historian Jerry Malloy provides important context to the content of White's work. And while White's History stands on its own, Malloy adds an intriguing array of supporting documents, including some of White's later observations on the game; an 1892 account from the Cleveland Gazette identifying the prejudice of Cap Anson, the Hall of Famer most responsible for establishing the game's color line; and a column from the April 11, 1891, issue of Sporting Life that begins with the already shameful realization that, "Probably in no other business in America is the color line so finely drawn as in base ball. An African who attempts to put on a uniform and go in among a lot of white players is taking his life in his hands." --Jeff Silverman

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