Spanish Flu - A Worldwide Killer

After a great deal of research into the deadly flu virus which killed so many people throughout the world, between 1918-19, scientists are still not sure why it began (or where the virus originated). 

They are fairly certain, however, that the first people to get sick were living at an American military base in Kansas known as Ft. Riley.

This embedded video documentary, entitled "Doomsday Flu," provides more background.  It also points-out that people started getting sick at Ft. Riley soon after a significant wind storm carried the ashes of burning manure piles into the fort.

Media Credits

Embedded video (via YouTube), entitled "Doomsday Flu," is available for purchase at Amazon.

Actors: Dane DeHaan, Jolene Haws, Peter Karavoulias, Edwin D. Kilbourne, Cristina Marie

Director:  Sammy Jackson

Writer:  Norman Stahl

Producers: Sammy Jackson, Charlie Maday, Elyse Miranda, Lou Reda, Mort Zimmerman

Format:  Color, NTSC
Rated:  NR (Not Rated)
Studio:  A & E Home Video
VHS Release Date:  August 3, 2001               
Run Time: 50 minutes


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