Sperm Whale Head Drawing

Sperm Whale Head Drawing

The head of a Sperm whale is positively huge, stretching to roughly a third of its total body length.  Inside its head, a Sperm whale has a large brain (believed to be the largest in the animal kingdom) and special organs which help to produce high-quality oil.  

The “case” is the largest of those special organs.  A very large container, the case is filled with an oily wax known as spermaceti (or case oil).  

Just below the case, in a Sperm whale’s head, is another chamber containing more high-grade spermaceti oil.  The oil and tissue in that chamber are often referred to as “junk.”

This cutaway drawing helps us to better understand where the "case" is located inside a sperm whale's head.

Click on the image for a better view.

Media Credits

Image drawing, by Kurzon, depicting the sagittal and transverse cross-section of a Sperm whale’s head, showing the location of the animal’s major oil-producing organs. Online via Wikimedia Commons; license CC BY-SA 3.0.

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