Spirit of Christmas - 1843

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Before Dickens invented his Three Spirits, he knew about a tradition in England involving a jolly figure who appeared at Christmas time.  This "Spirit of Christmas" was understood to be a spirit of love and friendship who delivered gifts, food and drinks.

Days after Dickens published "A Christmas Carol" (on December 19, 1943) this image of "Old Christmas" appeared on page 416 of the Illustrated London News (on December 23, 1943). 

Comparing this image to the drawing by John Leech of the Spirit of Christmas Present, in the first edition of "A Christmas Carol," one can see similarities between the size and general appearance of the illustrations.  In other words ... in 1843, the idea of a Christmas Spirit was not a new concept.

Media Credits

Illustration, by Alfred Crowquill, appearing in the 23 December 1843 edition of the Illustrated London News.  Image was scanned from a copy of the newspaper at the Robarts Library, University of Toronto, by Philip V. Allingham with corrections by George P. Landow.  Online, courtesy Victorian Web.



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