St. Patrick of St. Patrick's Day - Summary

Many myths and legends surround the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. So much about St. Patrick is based on legend, that we cannot even be sure when, and where, he is born. We do know that Patrick is born somewhere in Britain, probably near the end of the fourth century.

As a young boy, likely living in Britain with wealthy parents, Patrick is not yet known by the name which has made him famous for thousands of years. Before he becomes Patricius (meaning "Father of the Citizens), which later evolves into Patrick, the boy goes by his birth name - Maewyn Succat. 

Patrick is kidnapped at the age of 16 by a group of Irish raiders. During his captivity, Patrick has plenty of time to think - and pray. As he himself tells us, during these years of isolation from his family, he finds God. Patrick spends 6 years as a slave and is forced to work as a shepherd.

Patrick has a dream - one of several which change his life. This time, he senses a voice telling him to leave his captors. After he escapes his life as a slave-shepherd, Patrick tries to return back to his home country of Britain. Back at home, Patrick has a dream of returning to Ireland and responds to that vision by becoming an apostle to the Irish people. Patrick's approach to life is simple - believe in God and do His will – and he shares this message with the people of Ireland.

It is said that bishops of the Catholic Church treat Patrick as a kind of theological looney since he focuses less on ritual and more on the souls of people. As a priest, he wants to preach the gospel to the whole world. It does not take long for Patrick to move from theological looney, to bishop, to patron saint of Ireland.

Examine the facts and legends that surround St. Patrick’s life. Did St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes? Did Patrick use shamrocks to teach people about the Trinity? Take a virtual tour of Bannavem Taburniae, the place Patrick indicates he is born as well as significant places in Ireland. Learn about the holiday that honors the patron saint of Ireland—St. Patrick’s Day. Learn when and where the first St. Patrick's Day parade occurs.

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