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Image of a 1668 engraving created by Lambert Visscher.  It depicts Stanislaus Lubienietzki, author of Theatrum Cometicum (“The Theatre of Comets”).

Seneca, the Roman philosopher and Stoic, wrote in his seventh book of Questiones Naturales (circa 60 A.D.):

Necessarium est autem veteres ortus cometarum habere collectos. Deprehendi enim propter raritatem eorum cursus adhuc non potest, nec explorari an vices servent et illos ad suum diem certus ordo producat.

Translated into English, Seneca's admonition reads like this:

It is essential that we have a record of all the appearances of comets in former times. For, on account of their infrequency, their orbit cannot yet be discovered or examined in detail, to see they observe a periodical interval and whether their reappearance on a fixed day could be the result of certain cause.

Stanilaus Lubienietski seemingly took that directive to heart when he produced his book on comets.

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