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Let's imagine a space-shuttle scenario with trouble lurking:

  • What happens if the shuttle crew detects a problem, after launch, while the orbiter is over the Atlantic? 
  • Can the orbiter land somewhere?
  • If so, where would the crew go? 

NASA answers those questions at its "Missions" web site:

When a space shuttle roars from the launch pad and arcs over the Atlantic, a safety net of European landing sites is ready to save the day in the event of a problem. Known as Transoceanic Abort Landing sites, or 'TAL' sites, the specially prepared bases are a shuttle's safe haven in times of trouble. 

The big question is when would NASA need a TAL site? "Those sites are there as a place where the orbiter can land if it doesn't have enough energy to get into orbit," said Tom Friers, a NASA ground operations manager who runs one such site.

Landing at a TAL site could be necessary, for instance, if a space shuttle's engines failed, leaving the vehicle short of power to make it into space. Landing at a TAL site has never been necessary, but it's smart to have the option.

NASA currently has three TAL sites, two in Spain at Moron and Zaragoza, and one in the South of France at Istres. The three air bases are within gliding range of a space shuttle trying to reach the International Space Station.

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Media Credits

Image, NASA.

Information and quoted passage, NASA's "Missions" web site.


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