Jack the Ripper - TARGETED MURDERS?

There is a theory—hotly disputed by most “Ripperologists”—that Queen Victoria’s grandson Prince Albert Victor (known to friends and family as “Eddie” / “Eddy”)—was somehow entangled in the Ripper saga. Was he secretly married to Annie Crook? Did they (the Prince and the shop girl) have a daughter named Alice? Whether that story is accurate, or not accurate, it is true that a woman named Annie Crook lived (and died in the “lunacy ward of the Fulham Road Workhouse” during 1920). And it is also true that Annie Crook had a daughter named Alice. Both are pictured in this image which is online via “Casebook: Jack the Ripper.”


In the 1970s, a new "Ripper" theory surfaced. It involved Prince Albert Victor (nicknamed "Eddie"), son of the future Edward VII and grandson of Queen Victoria.

As it happens, Eddie had been in serious trouble with his family during the summer and fall of 1888. (Whether those troubles led to anything nefarious, however—particularly involving Jack the Ripper—is highly questionable.)

A few years before, Prince Eddie (also known as the "Duke of Clarence") allegedly fell in love with, and secretly married, an illiterate shop girl named Annie Crook. After she gave birth to a daughter, named Alice Margaret Crook, Annie hired a friend to help out as nursemaid. But that (according to the theory) was before the royal family (including Queen Victoria) learned of the Prince’s indiscretions.

Since Eddie was next in line for the throne, after his father succeeded Queen Victoria, how could such a marriage ever be condoned?

Annie Crook (1868-1920) ... according to this theory ... ultimately ended up in an insane asylum—allegedly put there (and lobotomized) by the Queen’s physician, Dr. William Gull. And her nursemaid friend, Mary Kelly, was the most brutally murdered of all the Ripper’s victims. The Prince himself was dead at 28, just days before his planned wedding to Princess Mary of Teck.

Was Mary Kelly a targeted, decreed murder? So says the late Stephen Knight who uncovered the story. So says Alan Moore in his graphic (definitely NOT for children) book, From Hell

Most other "Ripperologists," however, vehemently disagree.

Let's explore some of the known facts (about the Ripper murders) and uncover some of the theories (about the victims and the suspects) along the way.

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