Brotherhood of the Wolf - TEMPORARY REPRIEVE

This collection of pieces relating to the beast of Gevaudan, by Gervais-François Magné de Marolles, is maintained at the BnF’s Gallica Digital Library. (Follow this link to learn more about the wonderful collections at Gallica.) Click on the image for a greatly expanded view.


On 21 September 1765, de Bauterne killed an animal he believed was la Bête. It was a 130-pound wolf. After sending his trophy to Louis XV, the hero hunter collected his pay. For a time, all was quiet in the Gevaudan. Until ... the killing started again.

Abbe Pierre Pourcher notes, several times, that la Bête was a beast of great cunning:

Her cunning, skill and mobility, even her very existence were completely beyond human understanding.

When the killing resumed, however, local villagers knew Antoine de Bauterne's prey had been just another animal. It was time for Marquis d'Apcher, a 19-year-old, to assemble a hunting party.

Jean Chastel was a member of that group.


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