Brotherhood of the Wolf - THE BEAST OF GEVAUDAN

A contemporary account, maintained today at the British Library, tells the story of the Beast of Gevaudan. It also contains a drawing which depicts how the beast itself may have appeared. This work is reproduced in a 1970 book entitled Du sang dans la montagne. Vrais et faux mystères de la Bete du Gévaudan, by Jacques Delperrié de Bayac. (Paris,1970). X.319/4064


Gevaudan, located south of Paris, is now known as Lozere. In the village of Sainte Lucie, on the legendary land of the Gevaudan, more than 100 wolves live today at a famous Wolf Park.

At the time of the killings, 18th century villagers first believed the ravaging animal was a wolf. Yet...the Beast of Gevaudan seemed to target specific types of prey. Many of her human victims were women and children. Wolves did not behave that way.

On the other hand ... women and children tended the flocks. Perhaps that made them more vulnerable to a four-legged killer.

Some witnesses said the Beast of Gevaudan had spikes up its back. A poster, from 1764, describes her as:

Reddish brown with dark ridged stripe down the back. Resembles wolf/hyena but big as a donkey. Long gaping jaw, 6 claws, pointy upright ears and supple furry tail - mobile like a cat's and can knock you over.

What did she sound like? According to the poster:

...more like horse neighing than wolf howling.

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