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Desmond Doyle, with four of his six children.  Image online, courtesy Evelyn Doyle.  PD


Dublin, the family's home, is an ancient city and the capital of Ireland. Its name comes from the "Black Pool" (Dubh Linn) of Dublin Castle (now the site of the castle's garden).

The Doyles were poor. When he could find work, Des was a painter. Sometimes he was hired by the "Dublin Corporation" (that is, by the city of Dublin itself).

Although trained as a baker, Charlotte's job was her family. They lived in a flat at Fatima Mansions, in the southwestern part of town near Dolphin's Barn. Their inaptly named tenement ultimately became the worst housing estate in the entire country of Ireland.

In 1953, Evelyn was eight years old. Her parents' only daughter, she had five brothers: Maurice, Noel, John, Kevin and Dermot, the baby. Desmond's father, whom Evelyn adored, played the cello at Gaiety Theatre (located near Grafton Street in Dublin's center).

Charlotte's mother - the Doyle children's maternal grandmother - had warned her daughter about marrying a poor man.  She lived in the lovely seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, about seven miles south of Dublin.

Des' work sometimes required him to be out-of-town for weeks at a time. Once, while he was gone, Charlotte neglected the children so much they contracted lice which caused terrible sores on Evelyn's head.  Away from home for most of the day, leaving Evelyn to mind the boys, Charlotte was having an affair with Des' cousin.

Under normal circumstances, Mrs. Doyle knew when her husband would return home. That gave her enough time to "clean up" before Des arrived. But in 1953, when Dermot had to be rushed to the hospital because of burns, life in the Doyle household began to permanently unravel.

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