Torture Instruments from Medieval Times - THE HANGING CAGE

Corciano, located in the Province of Perugia (in Italy), was a fortified medieval town. In this photo of the town’s main gate—by Fradeve11—we can see a hanging cage. Image online via Wikimedia Commons; license CC BY-SA 3.0


After enduring preliminary torture like the rack, criminals convicted during medieval times - or religious dissenters who disagreed with the "required" point of view - were often locked in hanging cages.  In fact, these cages could be found all over Europe's cities and towns.

Whether located outside Palaces of Justice, cathedrals or bridges, hanging cages were a part of the European landscape until the 18th century.  In Münster, Germany three of these devices were still visible in the 21st century.  Hanging from St. Lambert's Church, they are a reminder of man's inhumanity to man.

Victims of this instrument of torture died from hunger, thirst or the elements:

  • If they were hanging in summer, victims could die of heat stroke.
  • If they were hanging in winter, they could die of severe cold.

Victims were usually left inside the cage until their bones began to fall apart.

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